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We are pleased to offer a selection of Android Apps for pilots and regular people.


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View ADS-B traffic on your tablet or mobile device with the ADS-B on USB receiver.  Overlays air traffic (lat/ Lon/Alt) on moving open street maps or WAC/SEC/TAC maps. Additionally you can use Low Enroute IFR Charts.

Hardware requirements

Uses Generic RTL2832U with Rafael Micro R8200T tuner.

Android Tablet with support OTG usb interface and OTG cable.

Price : $1.50


FAA ChartsFAA Charts

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Viewer that allows download of FAA Sectional Charts, WAC charts, Terminal Aera Charts, IFR Low Enroute Charts and street maps. OSM Streetmaps are used to provide street maps. Provides overlay of users current position on map. Provides METARS/TAF of users present position. App uses network to donwload map initially. with subsequent map location access the map files are stored and can be utilized inflight. Searchable database of Airport info. Frequencies, Fuel prices and runway info.

Price: $1.50


airplane_icon_114Airport Database

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Airport runway and communication frequency data from a built-in database can be used without WiFi. Terminal area forecast (TAF) and current weather (METAR) is available over WiFi network. Airport ATIS, TWR, and GND frequency data is included along with general airport information on NOTAMS, TFR. Google map of Airport with FAA traffic overlay. Need WiFi for weather info.

Price: Free